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Boldly Becoming You

Aug 21, 2023

Do you have days where you are super optimistic and hopeful, feel confident and walk with an extra little pep in your step, and then the next 2 weeks you wonder where she went? Why can't you access that incredible magnetic super charged version of yourself?

This is was a lifelong challenge and it's a huge factor in not only how you show up in your work, in your relationships, and your creativity/passion projects - it's also done a number on your confidence long term.

This is another layer of women's health being ignored for the sake of "ease" for the society built to serve the male biology, and it's wreaking havoc on everything.

You deserve kindness and compassion no matter what day or phase you're in, but it's especially crucial to shift your expectations and activities in the Luteal phase. I share a few shifts I've made to create a different experience for me, and all the things I do and the people I love.

And if you like productive homework, I give you some at the 6 minute mark.

You can catch the episode here I reference when I interviewed Jac, the Menstrual Mogul, about syncing your cycle.

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