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Boldly Becoming you

Oct 4, 2023

Our environments heavily influence us in daily life and in long-term achievements, satisfaction and creativity. If you aren't actively and intentionally choosing the people, places and things that influence you, it's likely you have some undetected resistance happening in daily life, adding to your frustrations, disappointments and false starts.

Great news, although we can't change the governement overnight or the social systems we live among, we do have a lot more choice in our daily life than you realize or were given permission to explore. 

The homework in this episode is simple and powerful so make sure you give yourself permission to take the few minutes to DO it. πŸ˜‰

Last call for the Boldly Becoming You Workshop this weekend Oct 7 & 8 2023. Make sure to use SHEMETHOD in the coupon/promo code at checkout to save $50 in your registration.

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